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Ringgold Elementary School North held its annual Science Fair in January. Open to students in grades 3, 4, and 5, 60 students submitted 34 individual/group projects.
Students who participated in Ringgold Elementary School North Science Fair were (front row) Ashley Baynum, Delaney McGee, Eleanor Buccianeri, Kenzye Krivijanski, Kirra Gerard, Khristina Morris, Rebecca McIntosh, Tyler Smida, (back row) Holly Arbes, Kylee Krivijanski, Hannah Didzik, Hannah Frizzell, Jenna Sargent, and Kelly St. Cyr
Throughout the week, participants met with the judges to present their projects and perform experiments. Judging was handled by retired teachers Gary Anselmino (Science - Finley Middle School) and Ernie Koontz (Chemistry/Physics - Upper St. Clair High School). Carnegie Science Center donated free passes to the first place winners. Congratulations to those students who won and to all of the participants for a job well done.

The 2013 winners are:

Third grade:
1st place - Kirra Gerard/Khristina Morris - Big Spills. What paper towels absorb the most?
2nd place - Rebecca McIntosh - Do flowers drink warm water faster, slower or at the same rate as cold water?
3rd place - Eleanor Bucchianeri/Kenzye Krivijanski - Are permanent markers permanent?

Fourth grade:
1st place - Tyler Smida - Water Pollution - Less Fertilizer is the Solution
2nd place - Delaney McGee/Ashley Baynum – Let’s Grow Grass!
3rd place - Kelly St. Cyr - Rainbow Carnation

Fifth grade:
1st place - Jenna Sargent/Hannah Frizzell - Egg Drop
2nd place - Hannah Dudzik - Rock Dissolving
3rd place - Holly Arbes/Kylee Krivijanski - Do all hairspray brands hold equally?